Slowing down

July 6, 2019

If I could tell time to slow down right about now, I would. This summer has flown by so incredibly fast. We only have three camps left, which sounds wrong that there’s only so short of a time before we’re done. There’s been ups and downs, but the ups certainly outnumber the downs. Watching God work in and through the team and our interactions with others has been the highlight of my summer.

Some other highlights for me have to include my cabin three girls at Quaker Haven Camp in Syracuse, Indiana. Their silliness, willingness to be vulnerable and to have fun together have forever been imprinted in my memory. Grace, Alex, Lilly, Rylie, McKinley, Makiah, Addison, Trista, Claire, and Morgan—I love them all to the moon and back. Another awesome memory would have to be getting to know the program staff at Camp Quaker Haven in Arkansas City, Kansas. Working with those people for two weeks straight was such a blessing. The van rides with the team are up there in my top memories, too—so many laughs, debriefs, and jam sessions (shout out to my backseat boiz—Nichole and Joel). We’ve gotten to see some pretty incredible things, meet some cool people, and eat some really good food. I know that there’s so much more time for memories and I’m so excited to see what else God has in store for us!


God’s a pretty funny guy, he has definitely been speaking and reminding me the same thing repetitively this summer. Slowing down is a pretty foreign concept nowadays, but that is also true of the nature of Christ. He is always always always slower than I want him or expect him to be. So taking that with me this summer has been so incredibly fruitful. For the most part, my impatience comes from a place of forgetting that I’m not on my time schedule, but His. If you take time to really sit down and think about it, God is always slower than we want or expect Him to be. I think that has a lot to do with His timeline and will not aligning with ours. When we plan and try to rush through what God really has in store, more often than not it leaves us feeling behind and disappointed. But, my friends, there is a truth that we can rest in—He is perfect in all He does, including the will and plan He has for your life. It is in trusting our Creator that we find peace that transcends all understanding.


In my own life at least, I like to plan. I like to feel prepared, I like to know what I’m doing and what I am going to do in the future. I’ve had to accept that sometimes that’s not what God wants for me. I can plan and plan all that I want, but if it isn’t aligned with God’s will for me that plan will crumble. All planning isn’t bad, but when doing so we need to use a lot of discernment and prayer in order to make sure it’s aligned with the Spirit’s prompting. It’s important to remember that in discernment and literally everything else in the world, God is not on our timeline—we’re on His. So when we feel like our prayer is urgent and needs an answer now and then we don’t get one right away, rest in the fact that you don’t need to know the answer just yet. You’ll know and receive answers when you need them, not just when you want them. Our God follows through on His promises on His time.


 “Woah, we're half-way there. Woah, livin' on a prayer” -Bon Jovi


Bon Jovi said it best, we’re only half-way through the summer and we sure are living on prayers.


-Kortney :-)

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