Dr. Joan Griffing on the Creative Strings Podcast

January 11, 2019

Music for Peace Making & Reconciliation: Creative Strings Podcast Ep. 34

A podcast by Christian Howes

Guest speaker: Dr. Joan Griffing


Have you ever heard someone say, “You should only go into music if you feel you don’t have a choice”?

For many of us musicians, we have felt that kind of clarity.

We’re among the few who have both felt certain about what we wanted to do and enjoyed the freedom to pursue it.

In order to maintain that commitment, sometimes it requires redefining it.

My guest on today’s episode of the Creative Strings Podcast went looking to redefine her purpose as a musician.

She went as far as New Zealand to study how music is being used to create healing between individuals and cultures in conflict,

Stories like these are why I’m excited about bringing the Creative Strings Podcast to you.

Dr. Joan Griffing is a classical violinist who has taught for 30 years at the collegiate level. She currently holds the Tim and Gail Buchanan Endowed Chair of the Fine Arts Division at Friends University. 

 You’ll hear in this interview how she went to New Zealand and  learned how music is being used:

-in peace and reconciliation.

-in prison reforms 

-to create healing between individuals in conflict and between cultures in conflict. 





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