July 20, 2018


Wow, whatta week.

This team, this school, our Lord, I am so blessed. This week the team counseled back on our home turf, and man was that a blessing. I think we had forgotten what it was like to be truly known by more than 6 people. To be known by those around you is such a gift, and I wish we would not take it for granted. Knowing we are known gives us the motivation to love and serve others so that, they too, know they are known not just by us but by God.  


As we look to what’s next, we are encouraged that we still have two weeks left to show each person we encounter, that they are known and loved by God. As we reflect on the weeks we have completed, we smile in remembrance at the moments where campers realize they are known and loved by God. We smile with a never-ending Joy, this is like treasure to us. This is the treasure we are after, that we would know that we are known and loved and that others would know the same.


Camp Saturate, talked about this Treasure. We heard funny stories with deep meaning, loud music that ushered us into silly dancing and many laughs, we heard testimonies that brought truth to the treasure of the Trinity, and the treasure we are to the Father, Son, and Spirit. This week I treasured the moments of childlike innocence. In the joy of my innocence there too, my Father was and is. An example of this can be seen in the hype-ness of camp for sure. We get hype like real hype. Hype to the point where we become like a child unaware of any boundaries, or any expectations, any social norms. This has been a beautiful image of innocence to me this summer. This week, in the midst of my hype-ness, I looked around and saw a community of people indulging in the innocence of Joy. Each one smiling, yelling, dancing, singing, laughing, each moment my eyes captured became like a treasure to me. I kept seeking this treasure and kept finding it.


God is the God of this innocence, I know so fully. He is a God of childlike Joy. Joy that is uncontrollable, a Joy that cannot be fabricated, one you can’t help but get lost in. As the speaker spoke of treasure, how each of us is wired to be treasure seekers and how that is good, God is the fulfillment of each treasure; I learned that a treasure I seek is innocence. This specifically being, the innocence of childlike joy. How great is it that the God that seeks us, is Joy, is innocence. This week as we looked around we saw high schoolers acting like children in their Joy. They smiled until their checks got tired. They had no limits during the games. They laughed until they cried, uncaring of what others think, it was beautiful.


Thank you for your support in liking our pictures, reading our blogs, and most importantly praying for us and joining in our joy this summer. We are so blessed with this experience and have tasted the innocence of joy many times this summer. Praise God, this life is good, really good.




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