What God has been up to at Camp

July 12, 2018

Quaker Haven Camp in Indiana

 At Quaker Haven Camp in Indiana, the theme was Spoken: listening to what God is speaking to us


through the Holy Spirit and through others. As leaders, we were challenged to pray for and interact with the students in our cabins, and to listen for a word/Message that we feel God wants them to hear. The second to last night of camp my cabin sat in a circle and one by one, each girl received encouragement or a word from everyone else in the cabin. After an hour and a half we finished and proceeded to the next activity in our prayer experience, in which we got the opportunity to act as servants by washing one another’s feet and praying over each other. We then joined others in worship and prayed over one another, and later ended the night with a popcorn pop over the fire. That week I had been struggling with listening to lies and doubts about myself and I realized that before I could listen for any words for my campers, I needed to listen to what God had to say about me. I have no doubt that the prayer experience was impactful for the campers, but I personally learned a lot about who God says I am – who all of us are – and how to listen to truth and speak truth into others better than I did before.


Trout Lake Camp, Minnesota

 At Trout Lake Camp, I had one of the best groups I’ve ever had for cabin discussion. Those girls asked so many questions about many different theological theories and perspectives, and it was so awesome to see them searching for truth and wanting to deepen their relationship with God. Getting to pray and talk with my cabin about the questions was the highlight of my week, but I couldn’t have answered them nearly as well without my co-leader, Ffion from Wales. One of the best parts of our cabin time was on the last night, when the girl who had asked the most questions said to the other girls, “We can never know all the answers, but we can trust in what we do know - that that Jesus loves us no matter what and we should love others in the same way He loves us.”



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